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ARO  is a Saudi consulting firm intervening with market players in business and society to attain their most important business goals and capture their greatest opportunities. Our success relays on deep collaboration and the local and global community of diverse individuals determined to make each other better every day.


We are a tight-knit group of firms. Established in 2017, ARO is Executive Search and VAT Advisory. We operate through focused industry practice group, each led by a global practice team leader. We are everywhere in the world our clients need us to be, so we can offer both global perspective and local insight.

From start to finish, it’s all about the people we connect, the community we’re building, the clients we serve, the candidates we advocate for, the recruiters who represent us, and the franchisees who enable our reach.


Value Added Tax (VAT) preparation, treatment and advisory services 

We serve as one of the leading VAT consultants in SA providing the best services in all aspects of VAT. This include,

  • VAT advisory services – We offer relevant advisory services according to the industry needs and find suitable solutions for it. Our professionals guide you through taxability of transactions and its impact.
  • VAT return filing services – We support clients on filing the VAT return . We ensure necessary guidance to reconcile input VAT and output VAT. Our services ensure computation of tax liability and check whether information comply with VAT law or other regulations.
  • VAT registration – Being one of the best VAT consultants in SA, our tax audit refers to independent examination of account books and various tax records. We ensure proper compliance of tax laws and curb the illicit tax practices in the economy.
  • VAT deregistration – We assist in providing effective VAT deregistration services within the given timeframe. We make sure that cancellation of tax registration process is carried out smoothly.
  • VAT transaction advisory – VAT transaction services guide your business with regard to specific industry transactions. It’s a great option for companies with complex transactions, branches, and products. Our VAT consultancy services in Dubai are up-to-date with recent developments on VAT laws.

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